By becoming a member of the Rossland Council for Arts and Culture (RCAC) you can benefit in a couple of ways and so are we.  The Rossland Arts Council  works hard to create personal experiences by integrating all forms of art into our Rossland community including live performances, random acts of culture, fundraising for the Rossland Miner's Hall, Joe Hill Coffee House and Street Sculptures to name a few projects.  By becoming a member you help us be, the best volunteer board we can be, to increase the quantity and quality of arts programming in Rossland for both residents and visitors.

Member Benefits

  • Know that you are contributing to the Arts Community of Rossland
  • You are supporting our volunteer RCAC Board and volunteers to create a thriving arts community
  • Receive the Monthly RCAC Newsletter letting you know about upcoming arts events in the region

RCAC's Benefits
By purchasing a membership the RCAC benefits in the following way:         

    • Support RCAC's ongoing operations
    • Helps the RCAC secure grants and sponsorship for special projects
    • You know a "vibrant arts culture attracts top talent"
    • BTW:  By you attending RCAC events it helps the RCAC bring live performances to town

Annual Membership      

  • Individual Art Lover $10        
  • Businesses and Organizations Art Lover $30

This year's memberships is valid  October 2016-December 2017.

Membership Levels


$10 for a yearly individual membership. The donation helps fund music, art, film and fun in Rossland.

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Organization or Business

$30 for a Organization or Business yearly membership. Organization or Business membership highlights your branding on every RCAC Promotion.

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