Rossland Miners Union Hall Restoration & Renovation

~A Hall for All~

Working with the City of Rossland, the Rossland Council for Arts & Culture is restoring and renovating the Rossland Miners Union Hall for use by all community members.

The Exterior Renovation  which included  replacing the leaking roof,  replacing and painting damaged siding, removing the crumbling brick chimney and restoring heritage features of the roofline and façade, has been completed by the City of Rossland.

The Rossland Arts Council is leading the Interior Renovation which focuses on the renovation of the currently undeveloped Attic (4th Floor) into gathering places for the community, improvements to the Performance Hall and a heritage restoration of the exterior balcony.  The Interior Renovation has begun and will be completed by the end of May 2017, just in time for the summer season of the Rossland Gold Fever Follies!   Watch for announcements regarding our Grand Re-Opening Celebration.

Interior & Attic Renovation Funding Update

Thanks to support from many individuals, organizations, government funding agencies and local businesses,  all funding is in place to complete the Interior Renovation of the Miners Union Hall.  We would like to thank the following organizations for their generation contributions to the Miners Hall Interior Renovation.

  • The Columbia Basin Trust
  • Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance
  • Canada 150 Infrastructure Fund
  • Heritage Canada – Cultural Spaces Program
  • Kootenay Savings Community Foundation
  • Nelson & District Credit Union
  • Heritage BC – Heritage Legacy Fund
  • Teck Trail Operations
  • Rossland Council for Arts & Culture
  • Rossland Rotary

And all the community members who contributed to our Community Matching Challenge!

Miners Hall Renovations

Interior (4th Floor) Attic Renovation 

The Attic Renovation  will effectively double the Hall’s community space, providing much needed space for recreation classes, meetings, readings, art classes and kids programming.

The breathtaking views and the rugged timber architecture,as originally constructed by the Miners Union in 1898,  will be transformed from a cold and dusty attic space to warm and inviting gathering places.

There will be a large multi purpose space, a meeting lounge,  storage, a kitchenette, washrooms and a performers green room.

Improvements will also be made to the Performance Hall on the Main Floor.   The unused chimney will be removed from the backstage area, fire separation will be installed between the main floor lobby and the Performance Hall mezzanine and new door closure hardware will be installed on the Performance Hall doors. These improvements will make the Miners Hall safer for building users and reduce the risk of loss due to fire.


What will be done?

  • Building Exterior – replace roof and repair/paint siding
  • Façade Restoration –  restore gable and balcony to original design
  • Attic – Renovate to create a performers room and community multi-purpose space
  • Exterior Courtyard – create a spacious, safe and welcoming entryway (currently on hold)

How will the community benefit?

  • Creation of new community meeting and programming spaces in 4th Floor (Attic) of the Miners Hall
  • Convert undeveloped spaces inside a City-owned building into functional spaces and increase revenue
  • Improve Miners Hall amenities for performing arts including the Follies, RLOP and RCAC
  • Make the Miners Hall safer, warmer and more comfortable for all users
  • Preservation of a provincially designated historic site

Renovation of the 4th Floor (Attic)

Rossland Council for Arts & Culture is the lead on the renovation of the 4th Floor (Attic).

Miners Hall Renovations


Elements of the Renovation

1. Building Envelope

  • replace roof
  • paint and repair exterior siding
  • remove chimney
 Miners Hall Renovations
2. Facade Restoration

  • Restore the façade to the original design
  • Reconstruct original roof line to include parapet
  • Restore the balcony to original design
Miners Hall Renovations
3. Courtyard

  • Improve aesthetics & safety
  • Create a sense of arrival
  • Address grade issues
  • Create a safe outside standing area for patrons
  • Install heritage-style railings
Miners Hall Renovations
4. Attic Renovation

  • Build performers room with washrooms
  • Create a multi-purpose space for recreation programs, art classes, meetings and presentations
  • Build a kitchenette
  • Create storage space for arts and recreation groups
  • Restore the balcony
Miners Hall Renovations


How much will it cost?

Project Expenses Cash
Building Envelope Upgrade (excluding Façade) 424,500
Heritage Restoration of Facade 84,700
Exterior Courtyard (currently on hold pending additional funding sources) 120,300
Attic Renovation/Green Room 491,700
Sub Total  Building Renovations as per Quantity Survey $ 1,121,200
Project Management, Mechanical Drawings & Architectural Fees 96,000
Total Project Budget $ 1,217,200











Project Funding/Revenue Sources Cash Status
City of Rossland 475,000 Confirmed
 Rossland Council for Arts & Culture 11,600 Confirmed
 Heritage BC – Heritage Legacy Fund 13,000 Confirmed
 CBT  Community Development Fund 300,000 Confirmed
 CKCA Capital Projects – Heritage  20,000  Confirmed
 Nelson & District Credit Union  1,000  Confirmed
 Kootenay Savings Community Foundation  6,000  Confirmed
 Heritage Canada – Cultural Spaces Fund 50,000 Confirmed
Teck Trail Operations 20,000  Confirmed
Canada 150 Infrastructure Funding 197,000
Community Donations to Attic Matching Campaign  53,177  Confirmed
Total $ 1,146,777

Contact: Anne Damude or Renate Fleming

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