Rossland Arts Council Call for Sculptors

The Rossland Council for Arts and Culture is looking for artistic entries for a public piece of art. The intent of this project is to create a visual legacy in the form of a sculpture that preserves an aspect of Rossland’s rich heritage and culture and provides either or both artistic enhancement and educational opportunity in the community.

Site Location and Dimensions:

The public art piece will be placed on Columbia Avenue in front of the Rossland Miner’s Hall, a beautiful heritage-listed building. The dimensions are flexible but needs to stay within 4’x4’x12’ (WxLxH). Refer to website.


The call for entry is open to all professional artists who are residents of the Columbia Basin. Appropriate designs, drawings, sketches and all other written and visual support data shall be submitted to RCAC to be juried by a selection committee appointed by RCAC. The winning entry will be sympathetic to the location and complement the façade of the Miner’s Hall.

There are no restrictions as to media but artwork has to withstand the harsh winter climate in Rossland. All submitted artwork needs to be original, created in Canada and cannot have been used elsewhere in a different context.


• Canadian Citizens or those with landed immigrant status

• Local artists residing in the Columbia Basin Area


Upon the final selection of an artist by the Sculpture Selection Committee, an agreement will be signed between RCAC and the Artist.

Copyright and Ownership:  

Copyright, including any and all drawings, designs, images, etc is the property of the Artist. RCAC shall own the work of art upon final payment to the artist.

Review Process:  

The Rossland Council for Arts and Culture will appoint a Public Art Selection Committee to act as a jury, and evaluate submissions on the basis of the selection criteria identified in this brief. The Committee may seek input from city staff, members of the public and technical experts in evaluating the submissions. The Committee may select a short list for further evaluation, or at its discretion may decide to enter into negotiations with one artist. The finalist will be notified by phone prior to February 17th 2017, and may be requested to submit a more detailed proposal for further evaluation. The successful artist will be required to enter into a contract with Rossland Council for Arts and Culture.

Rossland Council for Arts and Culture may or may not proceed with this competition based on submissions received and any other factors deemed to be in the best interest of RCAC.

Criteria for Evaluation of Submissions:

I. The submission includes all elements required as noted in the brief.

II. Artist’s statement, resume, budget, drawings, etc that complies with the specifications required by this competition.

III. Creative merit of the proposed artwork, both conceptually and visually.

IV. Ability of the artwork to engage the public imagination

V. Appropriate scale and composition of the artwork relative to the site.

VI. Suitability of the artwork to a public space, including theme, content and design.

VII. Suitability of the artist to the project, including quality of previous work, demonstrated ability of the artist to meet project schedules and budget, professionalism, an ability of the artist to interpret the project as outlined in the competition Brief.

VIII. Feasibility of the project budget.

Competition Schedule

• Anticipated key dates in this competition are:

• Distributing request for submissions Basin wide: September 21st, 2016

• Deadline for receipt of submissions: January 15th, 2017

• Finalist notification: February 17th, 2017

• Securing grans and funding for the project: February-June 2017

• Artist is commissioned to commence work: July 1, 2017

• Art piece complete and ready for installation: June 30, 2018

Project Budget:  

RCAC has established the guidelines, timeframe, budget and site for the implementation and completion of the project and will accept proposals up to $20,000.  Final funding will be secured by July 2017. Projected completion date is June 30, 2018.  The project budget is subject to securing further funding.

Entry Procedures & Submission Guidelines:

• Deadline for submissions is January 15th, 2017

• All entries must be submitted in HARD COPY via mail

• The submissions will not be returned back to the artist

• Submissions must include all aspects of the guidelines below

A. Submissions – please submit in standard 8.5x11inch format

I. Provide your name, address, telephone number and email address or that of a principal contact.

II. All submissions must contain both explanatory text and drawings

III. Provide a resume of the artist(s), including experience with comparable projects of a similar scale. A maximum of 5 photographs of previous works (within the 8.5x11inch format) may be included.

IV. Describe your concept of the project (Artist statement) with reference to the drawings explaining the theme(s) expressed by the artwork and their relationship to the setting and the intended visual legacy.

V. Provide the proposed budget breakdown, including both capital (raw material, labour, installation) and maintenance cost estimates. Note that the proposed budget is a total budget inclusive of all taxes.

B. Drawings

• (Include up to four drawings for each proposal, not to exceed a dimension of 11×17 inch each, at a scale that best illustrates the proposed artwork.

• Indicate the size, materials, mounting, and installation requirements.

C. The submissions will be accompanied by

• An artist’s statement linking the relevance of the design proposal to the project concept.

• Artist’s biography, showing the artist’s experience with comparable projects of a similar scale.

D. Photos of Previous Work

A maximum of 5 photographs of previous works may be included. All submissions must be adaptable to the actual site and dimensions of the space (maximum, 6’x6’ square base).

Please ensure all components of your submission include your name, final date and time for Receipt of Submissions

Sealed Submissions clearly marked on the outside of the package with the words: “Rossland Public Art Project” will be received only at the following location:

Mail: RCAC, Box 405, Rossland, BC V0G 1Y0

Up until 5:00pm on January 15th, 2017

Further inquiries can be directed to:  Renate Fleming 250-231-6287