Love and Business

For this season only (whilst we are renovating the Rossland Miners Hall), the wonderful Rossland Gold Fever Follies will be performing “Love and Business” at the Rossland Art Gallery from June 29 to August 8th, Tuesday to Saturday 3pm and 7.30pm.

Let’s set the scene:

People are arriving in Rossland from all over the world to make a living in the mines and the storefronts of Columbia Avenue, and business is booming… except for the Velvet Hotel and its proprietor, Willabilla. Joseph Luckenbel has made a name for himself as Rossland’s barber, but his earnings aren’t enough to buy the engagement ring he needs to propose to Willa. Lucky for them, two banks have taken interest in becoming the first bank in Rossland, and they are in need of prime real estate.

When the barbershop and hotel open their doors to the new visitors, Joe and Willa find themselves on opposite sides of Rossland’s Great Bank Race. But will the help of Willa’s quirky new friends be enough to save her hotel from closure? Can Joe find the courage to tell her how he really feels? And which bank will land the deal with British mine mogul, Whitaker Wright, to become Rossland’s premier bank? LOVE and BUSINESS have never been more intertwined in Southern BC’s golden town.

June 29-August 8, 2016
Tuesday to Saturday 3pm & 7.30pm