What one generation will do to save the planet from peril.”
This Earth Day, April 22nd 2014, the Rossland Council for Arts and Culture is proud to present an inspiring feature, “The Change Agents”, to further spread the message of individual ability to foster the growing movement of positive change.
“The Change Agents” is a heart-warming story of courage and possibility set in the beautiful local town of Nelson, BC. From one girls dream for a better future blooms action for change and a youth activist group grows. “In a tricky time in the planet’s evolution, this is a generation which faces a future like no other generation before them”(thechangeagents); however, their impressive strategy and persistence revives any lost hope one may hold. The multi-layered storyline along with actors deeply devoted to the cause has led to the creation of a brilliant independent film initiated by tears of concern for the future and the aid of a teacher spurred by the emotion.
Don’t miss this display of local integrity and courage coming to Rossland, April 22nd at the Miner’s Hall. Tickets will be sold at the door, $5 for adults and $3 for children.
Watch the trailer and find out more at www.thechangeagents.net, it will leave you hooked to come out and see the breathtaking feature in it’s entirety.