By Cedar Mueller (Nelson, BC, 2013)

Nelson artist Cedar Mueller constructed Rusty, a nearly life-size sculpture of a horse, in classic pose from scavenged steel plates, chains, rollers, coils, sprockets, metal strapping and other found objects. Rusty lives on the corner of Queen Street and Columbia Avenue, go visit him in his new home!

In the late 1800’s, during Rossland’s early mining years, horses played an important role in the mines and the community. Horses transported goods and people around town and down the Wagon Road to Trail Landing. Ponies were used in the mines to haul ore carts. And, horse races were held on Columbia Avenue for special occasions.

Rusty was first leased from Castlegar Sculpturewalk for one year but due to its popularity in the community and some generous community donations Rusty could make Rossland its permanent home.