By Carl Schlichting (S;ocan Valley, BC, 2013)

The Sphere was leased for 2015. A perfect Sphere, constructed out of almost 200 old steel bicycle rims welded together. We felt that this was the perfect sculpture for Rossland, the “Mountain Bike Capital of Canada”! The sculpture is placed perfectly on Columbia right next door to the Revolution Bike Shop.

But its meaning goes deeper. Carl Schlichting describes it as follows:

“The name harkens to how we make lifestyle decisions influenced by our spheres of   acquaintances and community.  Our choice to practice a more active lifestyle by biking whenever we can is good for the heath of our bodies and environment.  Our actions thereby inspire others in our own spheres of influence. ”

After creating what looks like a 12’ radius satellite dish Carl began to lay steel rims into the dish and weld the rims together. Then by rotating the welded rims out of the form in a circle until the shell of a sphere was created and completed. He had to build a crane over the work site in order to hold the unfinished form up until it was connected enough to retain the form and have enough strength to be self supporting. Finding enough old steel rims, nearly 200, was not easy as aluminum is more the norm. The dish, which gave rise to the sphere, was then used to affix the roll able form to an old VW rim as the base.