By Nathan Smith (Nelson, BC, 2014)

V-Formation was leased from Castlegar Sculpturewalk in 2016. This interactive sculpture incorporates motion and sound into an imaginative steel-based sculpture.

V Formation is a flock of Canada geese in their familiar flying pattern over beautifully styled reeds, cattails and bulrushes. Using waxed rusted steel, and recycled bicycle chains for the elongated necks of the seven birds in the flight, Smith captures their distinctive look – plump bodies and white facial markings – unerringly. Ingeniously using wire, skateboard bearings, various gears and pulleys, a hand crank and many recycled bicycle parts, Smith’s formation not only flaps its collective wings (at different times, no less) but honks intermittently too! The effect is quite magical. V Formation is a fun addition to Rossland’s line-up of sculptures.