Audio/Visual System Rental Policy

General Policy

1. Requests will only be considered for not-for-profit Arts, Culture and Community events.

2. Requests will only be considered for low-impact events. The system cannot handle rock music, DJ shows, Disco, Heavy Bass, etc. For these types of events, presenters must bring their own system.

3. The in-house sound system cannot interface with outside sound systems.

4. Equipment may only be used by an RCAC approved technician. Technician contact information will be supplied with the request approval. Coordinating with and paying the technician is the responsibility of the renter.

5. Rental requests for the use of any RCAC system must be submitted in writing to the RCAC a minimum of three weeks prior to an event. Request can be submitted:
By mail:  Attention: Performance Committee, P.O. Box 405, Rossland, BC, VOG 1YO
Electronically:  To

6. Requests will receive a response within seven business days. A request does not guarantee use of the RCAC system.

7. Rental fees vary according to the configuration required. See individual rental forms for costs.

8. In addition to any rental fee, a $300 damage deposit is required.

9. Rental contracts are deemed void if payment of rental fees and damage deposit have not been received seven days prior to the event

10. Damage deposit will be refunded in full after the RCAC has inspected the equipment and determined that the equipment is in satisfactory condition.

11. Any damaged or missing parts will have to be paid for by the renter.

12. The RCAC will not be held responsible for any personal injury or personal property damage incurred by the renter through use of the RCAC equipment.

13. Technician fees are additional and to be negotiated with the technician. Please budget a minimum of $25/hr for technician fees.

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