Wood Carving Symposium Safety Plans


Rossland’s first Sculpture Symposium is September 11-13. This unique event brings three local artists to downtown Rossland where three new wooden sculptures will be created for Centennial Trail. The sculptures will be carved live so the community has the opportunity to witness the process of making from concept through to fruition. The artists will be working openly, in the parking lot next to the Cold Beer and Wine Store at the corner of Columbia Avenue and Spokane Street.

This project seeks to connect recreation, art, nature, and culture by showing the development of a sculpture from concept to completion and displaying the completed sculptures in a natural, non-traditional, and unexpected environment.

The RCAC recognizes the importance of keeping everyone safe during the Sculpture Symposium. If we cannot be safe, we will not run the event. We were guided by the Provincial Health Orders and Worksafe Guidelines. A full list of resources is listed at the end of this document.

Artist Safety:

  • Fencing surrounding carving area
  • The sculptors work stations are between 5m to 8m apart, to ensure safety in between the working sculptors from flying particles and social distancing as well.
  • The fencing creates a safe distance between the public and the sculptors, to make sure the public is far enough away from power tools like chainsaws and angle grinders.
  • Sculptors will be required to wear the normal PPE when necessary: Chainsaw protection pants, eyewear, hearing protection, dust masks & safety footwear.
  • The work zone will be at least 6m x 6m, those measurements should give the sculptor enough space to work on their piece. 
  • A First Aid Kit will be available for the sculptors.
  • If an artist appears to be sick they will be asked to leave and to call 8-1-1 to see if they need to be tested

A portapotty will be provided for the artists. Cleaning will be managed by the RCAC by regularly wiping down the handles, seat and any other high touch spots.

Volunteer Safety:

To keep our volunteers safe we will: 

  • require the use of masks 
  • provide hand sanitizer and gloves for use by volunteers
  • Provide ear plugs for during carving
  • If a volunteer appears to be sick, they will be asked to leave and to call 8-1-1 to see if they need to be tested

Volunteers are tasked with supporting safety by: 

  • asking people to maintain social distance practices 
  • keeping any viewers to 40 people or less
  • Ask public viewers to sign contact tracing documents located at hand sanitizer stations
  • Reminding people that there are earplugs for their protection
  • Ask anyone who appears to be sick to leave and suggest calling 8-1-1 to see if testing is necessary

Public Safety:

It is important to the RCAC to ensure that this event is safe for the community. A key portion of this event is allowing the public to view the carving taking place. A livestream on our instagram account will allow those at home to watch the carving take place. 

Safety measures for the public who choose to view in person are:

  • Limiting visitors to a maximum of 40 people
  • Fencing will be set up around the sculptors work zone
  • Marking on ground every 2m and on fencing to support the maintenance of social distancing practices 
  • There will be signs up to remind people not to touch the fencing.
  • A roped off viewing path for visitors with signage reminding everyone to social distance
  • At the start and the end of the spectators path will be hand sanitizing station
  • Asking viewers to wear their masks and to leave if they appear unwell 
  • In our social media, we will remind people to wear their masks and if have been sick or in contact with anyone unwell to stay home
  • Volunteers maintaining crowd control
  • Viewers will be asked to fill in contact tracing form at entrance to viewing path
  • Sick people are prohibited from attending the viewing area

Public washrooms are available at the Rossland Youth Action Network building at the corner of Washington Street and 3rd Avenue.