Launch of the Outreach Program for Rossland Community Arts Plan

The Rossland Council for Arts & Culture (RCAC) is working together with other members of the arts community to create a community arts plan for Rossland. This plan aims to provide strategic direction for arts in our community and to guide the City as a cultural community. 

On September 18, 2019, the group launched its outreach program with the first of three arts forums facilitated by Eden DuPont. The session brought together a group of 25 local artists to engage in thoughtful discussions centered around building a resilient arts sector in Rossland.

The purpose of the outreach program is to gather feedback from the artists, arts organizations, and community at large to help define the strategic direction and to better understand community views on investing long term in the arts. 

All voices matter, so participation is crucial and valued. Recognizing this, the program has been designed with a multi-engagement approach to ensure inclusiveness. 

Arts Forums – three facilitated arts forums that are occurring on September 18, October 9 and November 13. Each forum will include different stakeholder groups including artists, arts organizations, businesses and patrons of the arts.

ThoughtExchange Platform – OPEN now. We are asking one big question “What are your thoughts about the Arts in our community?” to gather people’s thoughts and allowing participants to rate submitted thoughts, all confidentially.

Survey – the outreach program will conclude with a survey at the Rekindle on December 7th. This is to capture those with limited digital access.

As Rossland continues to grow, this group wants to know what is important to you when it comes to the arts.


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For more information please contact:

Renate Fleming