For the past 10 years, the RCAC has been building a curated collection of public art installations in downtown Rossland. This collection is a long-term commitment to public art through our Downtown Sculpture Initiative and we are continuously identifying sculpture and sites that would enhance the downtown core.  Five permanent sculptures are already installed including: The Storytellers (Rossland Public Library), Two Bears Playing (Post Office), Rusty the Horse (Queen & Columbia), Sphere of Influence, and the most recent, Salmon and Turtle (Washington and Third Avenue)You can see all of the sculptures on our Sculpture Page.

The intention of this initiative is to not only highlight arts and culture in our community but to contribute to our community’s social and economic vibrancy. Public art enhances the experience of urban spaces and communicates the presence of our active arts community. We estimate that more than 3,000 locals and an equal number of visitors engage annually with our public art. These sculptures have captured the interest and imagination of locals and tourists alike, and have become focal points for visitor photos and social media posts.

Our latest initiative in our Public Art Program is to create mural artwork to be installed on the East wall of the heritage-listed Lalonde & Rodier Block, at 2132 Columbia Avenue, Rossland, BC. The intent of this project is to enhance the Rossland Cenotaph public area in downtown Rossland. The mural theme of peace and commemoration will be symbolized by a field of poppies and local wild flowers. The painting will exemplify Canada’s commitment to world peace while commemorating the Rosslanders who gave their lives in service during WWI, WWII and Korea. The mural will provide both an artistic enhancement to the downtown core and educational opportunity in the community of Rossland.


Rotating Sculpture Program

thank_you_paThe RCAC’s Public Art initiative is focused on bringing unique sculptures to Rossland that resonate with our community and stimulate discussion around art and the different subjects it portrays. The Public Art Committee felt that Equilibrium would not only add interest to our downtown but also compliment the athletic spirit that Rossland is known for. “To me it portrays the sense of balance that many of us try to find between work and play, or art and recreation. We are extremely pleased that we can have this unique and dynamic sculpture in our community for the year.” says RCAC’s Public Art Committee Chair, Renate Fleming.

Since 2014 the RCAC, has been participating in the West Kootenay Regional Sculpturewalk Program by hosting one or two sculptures each year. Each year, RCAC, in consultation with the City of Rossland, selects a new sculpture from the Castlegar Sculpturewalk collection. In addition to Equilibrium, the RCAC is leasing V-Formation, for another year. This popular interactive piece displaying a flock of flying geese, is outside the Mountain Nugget Chocolate Company.

The RCAC has reached out to the local business community for financial support to help keep this popular sculpture program alive. “Our funders want to see community buy-in and we have been able to demonstrate that. The support has been overwhelming. We will be approaching different businesses and sponsors each year to continue this program.” says Renate Fleming. The RCAC would like to acknowledge the generous support of Bear Country Kitchen, Alpine Grind, RE/MAX Realty, Fair Realty, Mountain Town Properties, Mountain Nugget Chocolate Company and Century 21, who have contributed towards this year’s Rotating Sculpture program! In past years Revolution Cycle, Curiosity Clothing, Laundry Dog Laundromat, and Sourdough Alley have contributed to the program. Special thanks goes to Tourism Rossland who recognizes the value of this program and has partnered with RCAC again on applying for funding for this program.