The Miners’ Hall attic renovation project goes to tender

The Miners’ Hall attic renovation project has gone to tender.

With the agreement of its funders, the Rossland Council for Arts and Culture’s (RCAC) Miners’ Hall Renovation project committee has taken the project to tender and expects the results back shortly.

“We’re hoping that we have results from the tender sometime in the next week or so, and if everything comes in fair and square, we’re thinking that we could see construction on the inside on the fourth floor portion of the project starting potentially as early as early August,” says Ann Damude, a volunteer on the committee.

It’s estimated that construction will take approximately five months and that the Miners’ Hall would re-open in early 2017.

Before construction begins there are still some more materials that need to be removed from the attic and Damude says that the RCAC will hold a final attic sale sometime in the next two weeks. There are still some partial tin tiles, as well as scrap wood that might come in handy to build a chicken coop, and the big foam blocks that were being used as insulation for the floor.

The RCAC also wants to thank the Nelson & District Credit Union (NDCU) for its support of the project. The NDCU not only donated $1000 to the Miners’ Hall renovation, but has been supporting the project from the very beginning.

“The credit union not only has made a cash donation, but they’ve also allowed us to use their display space to put up promotional material about the project so the community better understands the project, and they’ve also accepted donations on the city’s behalf,” says Damude.

As for the exterior renovations to the Miners’ Hall, at Monday night’s council meeting Darrin Albo, manager of public works, reported that construction is proceeding on budget, though work is about one week behind schedule.

Chelsea Novak – Rossland News