The “RainWorks Project” now showing on Rossland’s sidewalks!

Did you know – Rossland sidewalks come alive when it is raining? Rainworks_project_RosslandON SHOW NOW! Rossland Arts Council’s latest Random Act of Culture is the “RainWorks Project”.

RainWorks is a spray-on, temporary substance that is applied to concrete and can only be seen when it rains. RainWorks is an eco-friendly, biodegradable, and temporary substance, with an average life of 2-4 months. As it rains, citizens of Rossland can suddenly see uplifting poetry, designs, hopscotches, and more!

 RCAC_Cath_RuthvenLocal collaboration was called upon to create this project for the RCAC. With the help of the great folks at MIDAS Fab Lab, artist Cath Ruthven created the stencils and the City of Rossland approved the RandomActs of Culture public project. Special thanks to everybody involved in the RainWorks project.

Take a stroll to downtown Rossland and when it is raining, you will be surprised what you see on the sidewalks! Take some pictures and post them! Don’t forget to tag us!

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