Welcome Space Junk!

 For the past 13 years, the RCAC has been building a curated collection of public art installations in downtown Rossland. We believe that these art works enhance the beauty and appeal of our community to both residents and visitors alike. We were thrilled to receive approval from the City of Rossland for our plans to add three new public art works to our collection over the next 3-5 years. These are to be installed outside the new City Hall, the top of Washington St., and one out at Red Mountain. Our vision is that one day Rossland will be recognized for it’s vibrant Arts, Culture and rich Heritage, as much as it’s outstanding Recreation.

The RCAC has been responsible for the installation of nine permanent art works and four temporary sculptures in Rossland. These, together with five permanent artworks contributed by other groups, are to be the focus of a new web-guided ArtWalk being developed by the RCAC this year. Subject to funding, we are also planning to hold the second Wood Carving Symposium in June this year. Residents and visitors will be able to watch carvers turn huge logs into new artworks over the three-day event. These carvings will be installed on the Centennial Trail, replacing the three existing carvings from the 2000 Symposium.

Since 2014, RCAC has been participating in the West Kootenay Regional Sculpturewalk Program by leasing one or two sculptures per year. In 2021, the RCAC leased and installed Connected on the corner of Washington and Columbia. For 2022 the RCAC will be leasing and installing Space Junk (photo left) in its place. This piece was created by Rabi’a from Winlaw, BC. She said the piece was inspired by a delightful short Sci-fi film called ‘Orbit Ever After’. When we first viewed this sculpture it brought to mind a small mountain community that is connected to the whole world, much like an increasing number of our residents who work remotely and globally over the data highway.

If you are interested in supporting the RCAC’s Public Art Initiative please check out our sponsors page here or email Meghan at rosslandarts@gmail.com to get involved with the volunteer committee!