Rent Our Equipment

The Rossland Council for Arts and Culture offers a Screen, Projector and Sound System Rentals for your events.

Please Note: For those who are renting the Miners Hall for a private event, please note that your rental agreement is between you and the City of Rossland and does not include free use of any audio/visual equipment owned by the RCAC. We rent equipment for community events only. Please review the policy and rental forms below for a more detailed overview of our costs and restrictions.

How to get started

All requests regarding the RCAC sound equipment are considered on an individual basis. Please be advised that payment and damage deposit must be received at least one week prior to the use of all equipment to ensure the safety of the equipment. Rental request will be considered void without receipt of payment and damage deposit prior to the event. To be fair to all groups, individuals and organizations, there are no exceptions to the RCAC rental procedures and pricing.

All RCAC equipment requires an approved technician to operate the equipment. Hiring the technician is the responsibility of the renter, who will then inform the RCAC of the technician’s name.

The associated costs for renting equipment can be found in the attached documents at the end of this web page.

Rental Instructions

  • Read through the relevant RCAC Sound, Projector and Screen Policy and Rental Forms (attached below)
  • Fill out the Rental Request Form for your required equipment at least three weeks before the event.
  • Submit the Rental Request Form to the Rossland Council for Arts and Culture. Requests will not be taken by phone. Do not submit fees at this time, as this is only a request.


  • Rental Requests will receive a response within 10 days of submission.
  • Once the RCAC has confirmed your rental request, you may submit your Rental Fee and Damage Deposit by mail (above address)
  • Rental request will be considered void without receipt of payment AND damage deposit at least 7 days prior to the event.
  • Damage Deposit Return Policy After the event, you can expect to get your damage deposit back within 14 days of rental date after the equipment has been checked over.
Audio/Visual System Details

The Miners Hall is equipped with a projector, screen, and a Blu-ray DVD player. Both the screen and the projector are mounted to the ceiling. The large motorized screen lowers down to the stage floor. The projector and the DVD player can be operated remotely from the Hall floor. There is also an in-house sound system.

Projector and Screen Specs:

Screen: Da-Lite 210″ diagonal (4:3 aspect ratio: 168″ wide, 126″ high).
It’s a dual-coated screen (1 reflective, 1 transmissive). The screen is mounted backwards (transmissive coating is facing the projector)

Projector: Panasonic PT-EZ570U (5000 lumens, 1920×1200 16:10 aspect ratio WUXGA resolution)
Cabling to the projector is HDMI, from stage left only. Any audio signal on the HDMI cable is unused; must arrange for separate amplification of audio track. Projector uses ‘lens offset’ to throw the image down from the ceiling and right to the centre of the screen.  No digital keystone correction is used; imager in the projector and screen surface are parallel.

Please review the two following options and choose the appropriate option and number of hours for your Audio/Visual Presentation. You must also fill out the invoice at the bottom.

1. Basic A/V system (no audio)

Screen, Projector, DVD player

Activity Example: PowerPoint and slideshows with no sound, visualisations.

Fee is $60/ 3 hours, and $10/each additional hour.

2. Presentation A/V System

Includes: Screen, Projector, DVD player, and Sound System A: two mics, small mixing board, subwoofer and speakers.

Activity example: film screening, award show.

Fee is $90/3 hours and $20/each additional hour

Sound System Details

Sound system configurations:

The RCAC sound system was designed for quality concert sound and should NOT be used by a band with a full drum kit. The foundation of the sound system is not designed to push much bass. Expensive components may be damaged by too much volume. The RCAC’s audio systems will not be used to interface with outside systems.

Sound System A:

Equipment: 2 mics, small mixing board, subwoofer and speakers.

Activity Examples: seminars, workshops, spoken voice, pre-recorded music.

Fee: $50/ 3 hours $10/ each additional hour

 Sound System B:

Equipment: Up to 5 mics, 16 Channel mixing board, Subwoofer and Speakers, 2 Monitors.

Activity Examples: Concerts and Theatre

Fee: $100/3 Hours $20/ each additional hour



Stage Lighting System

Stage Lighting System:

A full lighting bar is mounted to the ceiling. Lighting is adjustable by a control panel located off stage. Additional spotlights are locates on the rear balcony.


 $30/3 Hours $5/Each Additional Hour

Screen Rental Policy
  1. This form is for those who can supply their own projector, and just require use of a screen.
  2. Requests for use of the RCAC screen must be submitted to the RCAC in writing a minimum of 3 weeks in advance of an event.
  3. Requests will be considered from RCAC member groups and non-profit groups for arts, cultural and community events.
  4. An RCAC representative/technician will meet the renter at the set-up time to access the screen and again at the return time to check the screen back in.
  5. Based on the specifics of each rental request the RCAC will advise potential renters on whom to contact as to the approved technicians or representatives.
  6. Rental fees vary according to the required equipment.
  7. A $200.00 damage deposit is required in addition to any rental fees. Damage deposits will be deposited into the RCAC account, and will be refunded in full once the RCAC screen equipment has been returned to its storage in a condition deemed satisfactory by the RCAC. Any damage will be paid for by the renting organization.
  8. The RCAC screen is not available for rent in the two weeks prior to any major RCAC performance or event where it is needed.
  9. The RCAC will not be held responsible for any personal injury or personal property damage incurred by the renter through the use of the RCAC screen and other RCAC equipment.
  10. A deposit of $200 will be required.
  11. The deposit will be refunded to the renter within 14 days after the event based on the condition of the screen.
  12. The screen is fragile and should not be touched or bumped. People should not walk past the screen once it is lowered.
  13. The screen is lowered from the ceiling and should not touch the floor to avoid damage and dirt. A minimum of one foot distance should be provided between the bottom of the screen and the floor.

Screen Specs: Da-Lite 210″ diagonal (4:3 aspect ratio: 168″ wide, 126″ high).
It’s a dual-coated screen (1 reflective, 1 transmissive). The screen is mounted backwards (transmissive coating is facing the projector)