Rossland Arts Plan

The Rossland Arts Plan is intended to guide Rossland’s creative sector in realizing its shared goals of providing accessible, diverse and inclusive participation in the arts. It is a framework for building a resilient arts community through strong and representative leadership, accessing resources, and developing partnerships to create new opportunities for growth. The plan will be communicated to the community through arts organizations and other stakeholders, and it will move forward through the formation of a new Arts Collective.

In 2019, a group of arts organizations, artists, and businesses came together with a shared interest in building a sustainable arts community. The group led a grassroots engagement process to gain views and insights into Rossland’s art sector. This community engagement process involved a range of stakeholders, including individual artists, arts and culture organizations and businesses, residents, Mayor and Council representatives, and other identified non-profit and commercial key players.

3 Facilitated Community Forums (Engagement Strategies)

  • Paper Survey
  • Thoughtexchange Online Survey
  • Telephone Interviews

All consultations and engagement activities encouraged participants to share their insights, ideas, and opinions on challenges and opportunities facing Rossland’s arts and cultural development, and to provide input to developing a strategic direction for the arts.

The Rossland Arts Plan is based on the feedback from the engagement process, which was summarized in a final report.

The final arts plan was endorsed by the Steering Group members and their organizations.

This plan has been presented to the Rossland City Council for acknowledgement and to ensure the arts are recognized and incorporated into the new Rossland Official Community Plan (OCP).