The Visual Arts committee, composed of volunteers, works to provide an opportunity for all levels of artists and artisans, ranging from hobby or emerging artists to professionals to come together in the community to exhibit their work. By offering exhibitions that celebrate all facets of creativity, including craft, wearable art and more traditional art forms, we hope to inspire our community to push their creative boundaries. Exhibitions introduce artist and craft persons to the broader community that can encourage financial support through the purchasing of an art piece or functional craft piece as well as introducing the community to traditional crafts and various art forms that may or may not be in danger of dying out.

To support the efforts of providing exhibitions, in 2019 the RCAC installed an art hanging system in the Miners Hall Lily May Room. These exhibitions provide the opportunity for locals and tourists alike to interact with local art, but will also increase the opportunity for artists to exhibit their work and raise their profile in the community.  By supporting artists we are supporting the economy and vibrancy of Rossland.

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20 Years in the Making

October 2018

2020/2021 Exhibition Schedule

Project: “The Art of Craft” Exhibition September 12, 2020

The goal of this project is to: 

  • Celebrate the crafts people in our community
  • Validate craft as an art form 
  • Provide exposure and access to traditional crafts to people in our community
  • Provide an opportunity for craftspeople/artisans to share their work with the community
  • Educate the public through demonstrations to inspire appreciation of the creators and their creations

Craft has been defined as the decorative arts that relate to functional objects that are used in daily life. These objects require a variety of historical skills and techniques to produce and are often underrepresented in the broader arts community. This exhibition offers an exclusive forum for the local craft persons/artisans working with wood, pottery, glass, textiles, metal, mixed media and jewelry to display their skills, explore their personal aesthetics and to share with the broader community their most expressive work. This exhibition, highlighting craft, provides an opportunity for the viewing public to contemplate the role of artisanal craft as a reflection of culture in our day to day life. 

Project: Spring Equinox Visual Art Exhibition March 20 & 21, 2021 with opening reception on Friday March 19th

The goal of this project is to call upon the local community of artists/artisans of all ages, and all mediums, to submit works that the title “Spring Equinox” may inspire. The exhibition provides an opportunity to celebrate Spring through creative expression, to push original creative ideas by relating to the title of the exhibition, and to share completed works with the broader community. Spring is a time of change, renewal in our environment and inspiration to the human spirit. Being a mountain community, the celebration of Spring can evoke countless ideas relating to weather changes, awakening animal life, garden preparation, verdant growth in nature and sport activities to name but a few. By offering the exhibition to all artistic mediums we are encouraging a wide array of submissions and therefore a wide array of creative expressions and interpretations of the theme “Spring Equinox”.